Semalt Explains Why Mozenda Is Considered To Be One Of The Best Data Scraping Tools

Data scraping is the process of gathering data from a particular domain to organize it into the parsable formats like XML, CSV, or TSV. This process differs from data extraction as extraction is usually performed by collecting data from multiple domains.

The demand for data scraping services is increasing drastically because of its numerous benefits. That is why a lot of tools have been developed to get any information from the web. Unfortunately, most of the tools are not perfect and have a lot of drawbacks. However, there is a tool with more superior features, and this is Mozenda.

Benefits of data scraping

Mozenda can gather contact information of organizations and individuals. Scraping of contact information is necessary for sales organization and marketing service providers all over the world. With the development of web scraping technology, it has become very easy to search for people and organization to offer your services and products to.

Easy access to any contact information has made it easier to compile mailing lists, email lists, and even call lists. In addition to the benefit mentioned above, there are other reasons to scrape information regularly:

1. Competitive Research: Companies extract data for various competitive reasons. For instance, companies might want to know the prices their competitors offer for certain products and services.

2. Geotargeting and grouping: Data is scraped for proper profiling. It enables companies to run location-based marketing campaigns and thus increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. For instance, a company that runs a spa in Dayton, Ohio should only send marketing messages to residents of Dayton. Sending them to the Cincinnati residents will not be efficient since it is not likely that anyone will travel that far just to get some spa services.

3. Marketing campaigns: As mentioned earlier, you need access to the information to build a database of a target audience.

4. Creation of directories: For instance, if a company needs to use the services of a lawyer, it has to check lawyers' directories to get the contacts of some lawyers based in the same city.

5. Evaluation of individuals and business organizations: When looking for a business partner or service provider, data extraction helps a company evaluate its prospective partners. If you can get information about a company or an individual, then you can evaluate them in absentia.

Why Mozenda

Mozenda software can extract the data you need periodically or on demand. It is designed to make users learn web scraping skills very fast. Mozenda uses browser rendering technology that makes it mimic a real human user.

The advantages of mimicking a user are:

  • The software can handle JavaScript and Ajax easily
  • It can easily navigate through deep web pages
  • It loads and navigates pages just like a browser does

Apart from being able to mimic users, Mozenda is backed by great 24/7 tech support, and its package comes with some short tutorial videos for users to learn how to use the tool properly. The short tutorial videos are:

  • How to capture text. This takes just 43 seconds
  • How to load the next page of results. It takes a minute and 58 seconds
  • How to schedule a program to run regularly. The duration for this is a minute and 8 seconds
  • How to combine the data from two fields. It takes just 1 minute and 16 seconds

In conclusion, although Mozenda has numerous features, the most important reason you should try it is its ability to scrape dynamic websites.

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